Old Stove S3 1.0.0

Herd - Cooker

Old Stove S3

Neuer Herd fuer Die Sims 3 Grundspiel, umfaerbbar, aus Sims 4 veraenderter EA Mesh.

Einfach ueber den Laucher oder per Doppelklick installieren.

Mesh: 1183 vertices, 1012 faces


- http://www.thesimsresource.com/workshop

New cooker for The Sims 3 Basegame, recolourable, edited EA mesh.

Just install via Launcher or double click.

by mammut - http://www.simszoo.de

  • Hi Mammut! Hope you're doing well. Just wanted to let you know that the link for this wasn't working. Do you mind reuploading it? I'd be very grateful.

    • Thank you, Notherlong, and sorry. I've uploaded it again, would you please try again and let me know if it works now?

    • Hey, I think I have finally found out why it did not work (there was http in the readme - instead of https). Would you please try again?