tm Pants Top Viking 1 1.0.0

Hose und Oberteil - Teens - pants and top

tm ants Top Viking 1

Oberteil (Grundspiel) und Hose (Supernatural) fuer maennliche Teens fuer Die Sims 3, umfaerbbar.

Einfach ueber den Laucher oder per Doppelklick installieren.



Top (Basegame) and pants (Supernatural) for male teens for The Sims 3 Basegame, recolourable.

Just install via Launcher or double click.

by mammut -

  • Is this item still available? The link doesn't seem to be working for me

    • I'm sorry, I've just fixed it, would you please try again?

      The problem is, that the old download links just have http in the link - instead of https. So in every link we'll have to add the "s" :|

      Some days ago, we have started to fix some of them, and clothes for children are already fixed. Now I'm working on the links for clothes of teens, adults and seniors... We have to go through almost all of our downloads, and that takes awfully much time - so sorry :sad:


      All clothes are fixed :)

    • It worked! Thank you so much!!

      Thanks 1