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Deko Gerümpel, zum Verstecken einer 4x5-Zimmerdecke - decoration clutter, for hiding a 4x5 ceiling

Shelter Treelogs

Neue Deko (Geruempel) fuer Die Sims 4, veraenderter EA Mesh.

In Kombination mit einer 4x5-Decke kann man das Objekt mit gehaltener Alt-Taste so hinschieben, dass alle 4 Deckenkanten versteckt sind.

Lege die Package-Datei ab unter Eigene Dokumente/Electronic Arts/Die Sims 4/Mods.

Mesh: 796 Vertices, 788 Polygons


- Sims 4 Studio:


New decoration (clutter) for for The Sims 4, edited EA mesh.

In combination with a 4x5 ceiling it is a protection against rain and snow.

To hide the ceiling edges press "Alt" und place the object carefully until all 4 edges are hidden.

Put the package into: Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods.

by mammut -

  • Having trouble locating this. When I type the name into search, it pops up then when I click it takes me to the 'Outdoor Rooms'. I have looked through the rooms, my library, deco clutter, misc. and statues, outdoor activities, storage, surfaces, I mean you name it I've looked. I know the game sees it because it shows when I put the name into the search bar. Other than 'outdoor rooms' where might I find this? For the record I just ADORE your stone age stuff!!!

    Thanks in advance I'm sure you're VERY busy with all the latest updates!


    • Thank you for letting me know, ShotgunBetty!

      I just put it into my Mods folder and I found it immediately in "decoration" -> "clutter"

      I hope I could help you, otherwise let me know, please :rolleyes:

    • I wanted to add, I'm having the same issue ShotgunBetty described. I searched in the clutter section, but no sign of it.

      EDIT: I located it! If it helps others, it's $50, so look in that range.

      Thanks 1