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    Thank you guys for the warm welcome <3

    Mammut I really hope you will pick up again on the History Challenge, that would be fantastic for me and other historical builders, your cc is always excellent and sooo useful!

    Norn The Miss Marple Theme started as a group project at Anno Sims for Sims 3, and some of the lots are still available at my Sims 3 blog (now abandoned, but files still exists). I had so much fun with it that I wanted to remake it in Sims 4. :lol:

    SimsAtelier When your first grandchild arrives you will have no regrets, I promise! :hurra:

    Anyway, it's really nice to meet you all, it's so nice to know the persons behind those avatars.


    Hello everybody! I hope you don't mind me writing in English, my German is not that good unfortunately, I totally forgot my grammar:blush:, but I can still understand (most of it) when I read it. (And if not, there is always Google translate :D)

    I'm a Norwegian/Greek simmer, and I have been simming since the beginning of the game, and started uploading my lots in the Sims 2 era. Now I'm a senior in the community, but I still enjoy the game and upload lots, sims, recolours and stories on my blog and on tumblr. I only make stuff for Sims 4. My brain can't handle more than one game at the time ...

    I've been using stuff from your site since forever, and at the moment I'm ever so grateful for all the things Mammut and others made for historical play. :love::clap::love: I've always enjoyed historical or themed play and build, and right now I'm doing my adapted (relaxed) version of the History Challenge.

    On a private note I live partly in Norway and partly in Greece with my hubby. I'm now retired but used to work in the media industry. I'm a Dog Lover, Music Lover, Bookworm, Foodie and a bit of a Geek. I'm also a (step-)mother of four, and grandma of two, and love to travel in Norway, Greece or anywhere, but, as you all know, at the moment it is a bit difficult because of Covid. Hopefully things will be easier soon.

    I usually pop in here when I'm looking for some CC, but I thought it would be nice to say hello as well.