• Hi everyone, I noticed that a lot of your old content isn't available on this new forum, a few years back I did a post to my blog here all about your content but now of course none of the links work as it's all gone! Have had a look through your TS2 downloads and think there was one or two items from the old site there but none of the others. I was wondering if any of you had access to them and are able to put them up or would you be happy with them being shared somewhere else? I had put up a wcif and simscave here and someone there says they do have them, would you be ok if they shared them?


    Tiff <3

  • Hi ekrubynaffit,

    we had a crash of our website in February last year, and of course we have been uploading quite a lot of our stuff since them, but by far not all. It takes too much time to upload every item from all the yeas (2005 until 2020), but of course we'll try to find them if you tell us which things are the most important for you :)

  • Hi ekrubynaffit Thanks for your message (and your support with our old downloads and overall)! We discussed your suggestion within the team and decided that it's ok if old Simszoo downloads, that are not available here anymore, are archived at the Simscave. Just understand that we cannot offer support for them in case they are broken or cause problems. We will continue to upload stuff here bit by bit or on request but as mammut said, it's thousands of files from more than a decade and we won't be able to upload them all anymore - we are only a handful of people left and there is still Real LifeTM.

    I'll reply to your post at the Simscave, too. It would be prefereable if users first double check if stuff is available here before they re-upload to the Simscave.