Anyone who can create sims?

  • I've seen them! 😍 The truth is that I'm hallucinating 😱, because of the speed in which you have done them and because of the (given what the game allows, which is not much) similarity with the real actors and actresses but ..., have you done Prue again? because you had already created it with Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Leo, Wyatt and Chris, and I was surprised to see it with Penny, Patty, Victor, Sam, Mark&Hellen Matthews

  • aloha :) thank you very much for your praise, I'm glad that you like it :)

    the first version was unfortunately already 4 years or even older, the witches needed an upgrade anyway and since at that time I only created charmed on the basis of a request from a 15 year old user, it was high time to overhaul the whole thing and to keep the witches true to be let.

    I admit, in the last few years I have been testing and writing about the sims 4 instead of creating sims and their houses or costom content, but it was fun again and when I have the time and inclination, I certainly sit down going back to create something.

    Certainly the possibilities in the cas are still very limited, you only notice this in the eye areas, but also in the nose, mouth and ears, I don't want to start with the hairstyles, so I'm glad that the sims created are somewhat similar to the actors see.

    and yes, I moved prue to the grandmother because she died, in the comic series she comes to life again, but most of them don't know that, so you can have her move again if you like :)

    I hope you enjoy playing with the different characters from Charmed :)

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