• Hallo, my German is terrible so I hope someone can help me, es tut mir leid!

    Whenever I try and download an item by clicking the green button in the corner, nothing happens. Can someone explain to me how to download CC from this website? I have created an account and registered! Danke x

  • Hi Katie, no problem, English is fine!

    Can you maybe link which download you have problems with? In theory you woulnd't even need an account to download so something else seems to be not working as it should.

  • Hi Norn! As an example, one of the things I'm trying to download is https://www.simszoo.de/filebase/file/1472-decofence-stumps/ but when I click the green button that says "Download (from external URL)", I get a small loading circle but then nothing happens. The same thing happens when I go to Versions and try to download from there. I've tried with a few other pieces and it's the same thing unfortunately! Can you let me know what is supposed to happen? If you click the green Download button does it automatically start downloading, or take you to an external site like SFS to download there? Might be some kind of problem with my browser pop-up settings!

  • It might indeed be a browser issue then. The download should start immediately, no new window. But there is probably a redirect working in the background as we have our files hosted at mediafire (add-free version). So the download link would point at a different location than the simszoo domain. Maybe that is the issue?

    Do you have the option to use right-click on the download button and chose "save target as" (it might be called something different, not sure what the English version would say, sorry :) ).

  • Thanks Norn! I did some experimenting and if I right click and 'copy link address', and then paste into a browser, it starts the download. Weird, but I'm glad it's working! Thanks for your help :)