This is me :)

  • Hi everyone

    I joined this site years ago - back in the days of TS2 and I really can't remember if I ever introduced myself! I thought I should do it now...better late than never, eh? :)

    I've been playing since TS1 although I didn't realise then that such a thing as CC even existed but, I loved the game. I became more active on the TS forum when TS2 was released and that's when I was introduced to the wonderful world of CC :)

    Since then my sim-play has not been so much about 'playing the game'; it's become my story sketchbook because now I'm always thinking "How can I turn this into an interesting story?"; "How will this work in a storyline?" and so on. Even though my stories are based primarily on words so, they actually have to be read, I still rely heavily on CC to make each picture used in the story earn its keep. I take hundreds of photos but, comparatively few make it into the story because, for me, it is a continual fight between telling a story through gameplay (pictures) or in the good 'ole fashioned method of using words and the reader's imagination :)

    However, I digress - this is a terrible habit of mine. I had started out to introduce myself so let's see if I can do that in 200 words or less? :)

    I live in the UK and I'm married but, have no children. I have been playing PC games for decades - way back to the days of text adventures and I think that despite (or should that be 'because of'?) the pixel-flaws of vintage games most of them had rich and truly satisfying plot lines. I still derive many hours of simple pleasure from replaying the classics and this is why I still have Win'95, Win'98 and Win XP base machines. I am aware of such treasures as DOSBox and other emulators but, I still enjoy the experience of the real thing...which is why I will never use artificial sugar, lol :D

    So that's me.

  • Hi and welcome to the zoo! Thank you for introducing yourself, it's always nice to hear the stories behind the usernames :) And wow, Win'95! It's been a while since I've seen that anywhere. So your games corner looks like a hardware store? And do you have a blog or something where you tell your stories?

  • Hi n1knaks,

    nice to meet you!

    It’s facinating to see the different ways of storytelling with The Sims. I try to concentrate on the things the game is offering, to tell stories ... so it is absolutely the opposite of your way. But that is the reason, what makes this game so fun. Many roads lead to Rome.

    Are you going to share your stories?

  • Hello n1knaks, thank you for intruducing yourself and telling us about your habits of playing and telling stories! I still remember times playing Sims 1, wondering what all these cryptic signs would mean, double clicking a .rar-file :haha: No, I really didn't have a clue of anything about cc!

    In the meantime I'm still playing Sims 3 and Sims 4, as Sims 2 makes my computer crash every now and then... so I'm not very keen on starting Sims 2 at all...

    Like Norn and Chillshila I would love to learn more about your stories :rolleyes:

  • Thanks for your introduction. I'd love to read some of your stories. Do you share them with others and if so, do you have a link?

    I hope you have fun here.

  • Thank you all for your very warm welcome, it makes me realise that I should have stopped in to say "hello" a long time ago.

    Norn - it's like you have a secret window where you can see my games / office room :D and I think in saying "hardware store" you are being too kind - it is more like a junk shop! :rofl:

    I did start a blog but then, real life happened and now I just make empty promises to myself every day :|

    Chillshila - "Many roads lead to Rome" - I could not have said it better myself. You are right about the different ways of storytelling making Sims (all versions) much more fun. When I stop collecting CC long enough to read some of the Sims stories out there I am almost always envious of the storytellers' talents and I do find their different methods fascinating. One thing I don't do, is use poses - mainly because I never got around to learning how to use them :D

    mammut - "double clicking a .rar file" :rofl: and you forgot to mention all those weird names that creators used for their CC. My Mods folder was a mess and I never knew what was in my game until I discovered Delphy Download Organiser and The Sims 2 Content Manager :D but, not content with those, I also snagged the Wardrobe Wrangler :lol: As I had bought all of the TS2 games / packs etc. I was able to get The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection from Origin - that's what I use now to play TS2 and it works okay on my PC, whew!

    MissFantasy - I do have part of one TS2 story on an old blog but, I have mostly been writing for my own pleasure. Now, when I say "writing" what I really mean is collecting CC and promising myself that, "tomorrow I will start taking photos for my next story" :lol:

    Back in the days of TS2 I was part of a forum called BBS Neighbourhood. We all made a sim-self, including our families (and pets when that EP was released) and uploaded these for other forum members to download and place into their game. If you played TS2 then, you may remember that you could create new neighbourhoods using SimCity (ah, the good 'ole days). Anyway, long story short(er), most of my stories were based on members of the BBSN and that made them more real to me. It motivated me to write.

    Here's a link to my old blog if you;d like to read the little that is there. Just remember, the photos were taken in TS2, before ceilings were introduced so I had to use Photoshop to draw those in. In the days when these photos were taken, Sims could fall asleep standing up - that's how I managed to get the last photo and, with a little Photoshop help, I found her ... shall we say 'neck accessory' :S