• Hello there,

    My name is Chrisa aka CL Designs and I'm a simmer since the begging of all! :P I'm also creating rc's for TS2. I was on a hiatus for 3 years now (due to my job) and I'm slowly returning back to the old habits...:blush:

  • Hi Chrisa, and welcome to the Simszoo! Lovely to hear from you! Our Sims 2-section is a bit underfed (yet), but hopefully we will upload lots of stuff for you to browse soon :)

    Happy simming! (Once a simmer, always a simmer.... :lol:)

  • Hello Chrisa, thanks for coming here, and welcome to the Zoo!

    Norn is right, we're still struggling with masses of downloads to be uploaded again, and maybe it will take some time until our Sims 2 section is filled - but we keep working on it :winke2:

  • Thank you all for the warm welcoming!

    Can't wait to see all the new stuff that you will upload!

    Hello and welcome. Your Rc´s are wonderfull <3

    (sorry for my bad englisch :( )

    Aww...danke sich! Your english is fine!

  • Belated welcome greetings! I know/ remember you from Coloursims, right? And Simpearls ;)

    Loved your Sims 2 designs! So welcome back to the Sims community. See you probably at Simpearls.

    Thank you! I'm glad to see familiar faces! Yup, that's correct! Colour Sims was my old site!