Siff Waescheleine 1.0.0

Decor object by Blackypanther

Siff Deko Waescheleine

Waescheleine Objekt lässt sich überall an der Decke frei platzieren.


zu finden im Kaufmodus bei Deko

by blackypanther -

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  • Download link does not work properly. Could you kindly fix it. Thank you.

    • It seems to work fine for me. Do you maybe have any script blockers active?

    • Hmm, strange, because the other download links on this site (Blacky's Zoo) work fine, with maybe a few exceptions, and don't report anything, and I haven't had to turn off my security programs. That link of yours gives me this kind of notification; This site cannot provide a secure connection.
      Which means that the site you're uploading through might contain malware, viruses, or spyware, which is where a notification like that comes from, even though I've turned off adblock and accepted the site with noScript. I just don't turn off my virus protection.
      That is, I would at least put an alternative link, if not otherwise, so that there would be at least one working link, if the other fails or does not work properly for some reason. I recommend, for example, simsfileshare, because I have found it to be safe, functional and reliable, and it can also be used through such sites, i.e. it does not have to be a completely direct link.
      Of course, the reason could be different regulations regarding internet security systems, depending on the state/country, so maybe it could cause something.