Old Tree Set - Dining Set 2 1.0.0

Holztisch mit Stühlen / Wooden table with chairs

Old Tree Set - Dining Set 2

Meshes converted by blackypanther - http://www.simszoo.de

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  • Hello!! First, I hope you are well. We are living extraordinary circumstances all over the world. Please be safe.

    THANK YOU! For your works, for taking the time to reupload them, for creating them.

    I am using this set of 1x1 table and dining chair. I observed that the table disappears when the view is away from it.

    Only when you zoom in close to the table, focusing on it, it becomes visible.

    Is this by design? Or is there an issue with the file?


    • Hi there, glad to hear you are enjoying our downloads, and thank you for your kind words! This table was created quite a while ago, it might not be updated to the latest patches. I'll ask the Sims 4 team members about it, maybe it can be fixed. Thanks for letting us know about the issue!

    • Thank you very much for your kind reply!

    • Hi Redmallie,

      thank you for letting us know that the table didn't work correctly :)

      I have fixed it and it should work fine now. Would you please download again and try?

    • Thank you very much!! I will check it out gladly.

    • Hallo!!

      Just to say that now the table is visible all the time. It is beautiful!! Thank you!