Cave 1 1.0.0

Hoehle - cave - contains cc Wohnhaus - residential lot


Hoehle auf einem 30x30 Wohngrundstueck fuer 7.501/6.183 Simoleons fuer Die Sims 3 Grundspiel (Update Version

Enthaelt einen Eingang von ladyatir und 6 von mir erstellte Objekte - danke fuer deinen tollen Mesh "Hoehleneingang-mittig", ladyatir!

Das Grundstueck wird einfach ueber den Launcher oder per Doppelklick installiert ;o)

- - -

Cave on a 30x30 residential lot, costs 7,501/6,183 Simoleons, for The Sims 3 Basegame (update version

Contains one entrance by ladyatir and 6 objects by me - thank you for your wonderful mesh "Hoehleneingang-mittig", ladyatir!

Just install the lot via launcher or double click ;o)

by mammut -

  • Hello, i can not download this CC, maybe this Link no longer works. Please help, i really want this cave for my sims.

    • Oh, I'm sorry, I've fixed it now :blush:

      In many old downloads the "s" in the link "https..." was missing and we have already fixed many of them, but sometimes some just escape from our attention - so thank you for letting me know :thumbup:

    • Thank you very much!