One year later...

One year after the crash - and we're alive and kicking! It probably was a hard year for all of us so we are happy we can still provide a place to just enjoy our beloved pixel game and not thinking about the world. We reuploaded quite a bit of stuff in the past years but it's simply too much to upload it all again. So, if you are missing a particular download please contact us! We're happy to dig through the archives to look for it.

For now the Simszoo team wishes you a lovely Easter break and stay tuned for our special updates ;)

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  • HI I realize I'm a bit late here, but sorry about the site issues you've had and I'm glad you're able to get back up and running. I have some stuff from a long time ago, but unfortunately I don't know what it all is, but that's another thought. :P

    Anyways, reason for my post was to ask if there was anyway of getting a few things re-uploaded or a link to where I might be able to get them. My main search (currently as I've not looked to see if all of this was re-uploaded) is?
    1) the white lattice fence and trellis set 1-3
    2) white lattice fences small and large
    3) 3 slat horizontal wooden fences and gates
    4) vertical wooden fence and gate
    5) all the staircases

    (wire mesh fence was already upload and I was able to get that)

    Thanks and much appreciation :)

    This is where I saw the stuff that brought me to your wonderful site